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We would like to recommend the following products:

  • Visnetic Firewall
  • VisNetic Firewall is a stateful packet level firewall solution built to protect Windows-based Servers, telecommuters / mobile users, and LAN workstations not currently protected by a firewall. VisNetic Firewall is more secure than application-based personal firewalls, yet less expensive than high-end firewalls, providing peace-of-mind through comprehensive intrusion protection.

    Security-conscious professionals running software and/or hardware Internet sharing solutions are as concerned about internal threats as they are about external threats. There is currently not a hardware firewall solution that protects companies against these threats and existing software firewall solutions are priced outside of the small to medium business market.

  • Outpost Firewall
  • The Outpost Firewall is an award-winning solution that provides a superior arsenal of defense against all types of Internet threats. Combines powerful real-time spyware protection with bi-directional firewall filtration so that your online safety is always at maximum. Easy-to-use program will keep your surfing history private and your critical data tightly secluded from outsiders. Program displays network connection status in real time and maintains full history log.

  • McAfee Personal Firewall Plus
  • Protect yourself while online with the advanced security of McAfee Personal Firewall Plus. Easy-to-use, yet highly configurable, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus v5.0 secures your PCs connection to the Internet whether you connect via DSL, cable modem or dial-up. With intrusion prevention, color coded security alerts, customizable audible alerts, detailed logging, and an application scan for Internet enabled applications, McAfee Personal Firewall Plus gives you the power you need to control the communications into and out of your PC, ensuring that your online experience is as safe as it is enjoyable.

  • eTrust EZ Firewall
  • eTrust EZ Firewall provides complete, industrial-strength hacker and privacy protection. It protects your PC from both known and unknown threats, with an easy-to-use interface and pre-loaded settings that take the guesswork out of security.

    Every PC connected to the Internet is a potential target for hackers. A firewall acts as a barrier between your PC and the Internet, preventing unauthorized access to your PC. ICSA-certified, eTrust EZ Firewall stops hacker attacks, automatically delivers up-to-the-minute advice about which programs are safe and which are dangerous, monitors your e-mail for suspicious attachments, blocks annoying pop-ups, controls cookies, and protects against identity theft.

    eTrust EZ Firewall offers simple-to-use yet powerful features like:
    Automatic Program Control - reduces firewall pop-ups and makes keeping your PC secure truly easy
    ID Lock - prevents confidential and personal data from being sent through the Internet without your knowledge
    Cache Cleaner - provides a convenient way to remove cookies and temporary files from your PC
    Cookie Control, Ad Blocking, and Mobile Code Control - reduce interruptions while protecting your privacy
    Stealth Mode - hides your PC on the Internet so that hackers canít see it
    MailSafe - identifies and quarantines potentially harmful e-mail attachments, coming in and going out
    Password Protected Program Options - protects your security settings from modification by unauthorized users

    eTrust EZ Firewall complements CA.s eTrust. EZ Anti-Virus and eTrust. PestPatrol. Anti-Spyware, providing added protection against a wide range of Internet threats.

  • Personal Firewall
  • When your computer is connected to the Internet, it receives traffic from a wide range of sources, most of it benign. Your instant messaging client alerts you that a friend has signed on; your mail client finds new mail waiting for you and downloads it; a weather site refreshes its rainfall map by telling your web browser to reload a page. All of this traffic is handled invisibly by your computer, which is listening to a large number of "ports." A port is a specific connection point through which applications on your computer connect to the Internet. And a hacker only needs one open port through which to mount an attack.Your computer is just one machine among the millions connected to the Internet at any given moment. And a moment is all it takes for a hacker to get in

    Give hackers and viruses the year off. Get a subscription to Personal Firewall.

  • TZ Personal Firewall
  • TZ Personal Firwall is designed to put a secure barrier between your hard drive and hackers, whether you use a dial -up, ISDN, DSL or cable connection.

    The Firewall is monitors the programs tries to connect to the net or wait for incoming connection then alerting the user to decide to allow or block this connection.

  • The Shield Pro 2006 - Anti-Virus & Firewall
  • SALE PRICE: ONLY $29.99
    You Save $20 Off Retail Price

    The Shield Pro 2006TM provides essential virus protection from viruses, hackers, Trojans and privacy threats. Powerful yet easy to use, protect yourself, your family, and your PC online with The Shield Pro¬ô. The Shield Pro¬ô gives you 1 year of protection and PCSecurityShield gives you all the free technical support you need to successfully protect your computer. The Shield Pro now comes with Easy Installer, to make download and installation simpler than ever before.

    The Shield Pro accurately detects and repairs viruses with its fully optimized and separated Anti-Virus engine for Macro, Script and Windows viruses. It is distinguished from the other Anti-Virus tools by its high-speed scanning capability. It also scans and cleans email messages on a real time basis before they ever reach your computer.

    > Designed & Certified for Windows XP
    > Integrates Functionality with MS Explorer
    > Macro Virus-Monitoring Module
    > No Need to Reboot After Installation
    > Virus Protection Definition Updates
    > Uses Very Low System Resources
    > Incoming and Outgoing Email Messages
    > Blocks Virus Infections in Real-Time

    The Shield Pro 2006TM gives you both virus protection and hacker security by providing ongoing support and updates. When a virus breaks out, The Shield Pro 2006TM will provide a patch within 2-3 hours and a fix for the virus within 5 hours. You can set you computer to update viruses weekly and run a complete virus scan. Virus protection is a must and no one with internet access should surf without it.

    What are viruses?
    Viruses are small files that attach to emails or downloads and infect your computer which is why you need virus protection. They can be as harmless as displaying funny pictures on your monitor or they can go through your address book and send everyone within your address book the same virus. More dangerous versions can completely wipeout your computer and all your information and some can take over your machine and send spam from your computer. Without your knowledge, you can become a spammer. Virus protection saves you from virus problems.

    What are hackers?
    Hackers are the underbelly of the internet. They are people who randomly scan the internet to find ¬ďopenings¬Ē so they can go in and snoop around. Once into your machine, they have as much access to it as you do. That means your online banking, personal data, family data ¬Ö are all available to a hacker. Hacker security is your safety net when surfing.


    "I have used Norton and McAfee, but The Shield is so much simpler and takes so much less system resources to run" - Howard, Westland, MI

    "I had an installation question. I called, a live person actually answered, and The Shield virus protection -was running 2 minutes later" - Margo, Stamford, CT

    Thank you for your quick and prompt response! I am glad to know I just invested my money into a company that cares! thanks again! - Keith - Davison, MI

    Annual Renewals ONLY $14.99

  • SafeZone
  • The ultimate personal firewall that blocks hackers and unauthorized users who try to penetrate a computer are stopped by.

    SafeZone locks a computer system to external connections by analysis and routing of network traffic. SafeZone can be customized to isolate, record and warn the user of all hacking attempts.

    SafeZone will protect you from the latest and sophisticated worms attacks. These worms can set up a backdoor into your system, which can allow an attacker to connect to your computer. Using SafeZone will prevent intruders from penetrating your system.

    In addition SafeZone examines out-going information according to predefined criteria to ensure that only authorized content leaves the computer.

  • Xeon Personal Firewall
  • Xeon Personal Firewall is one of the easiest firewalls to setup and use. Xeon will ask which programs should have access to your internet resources and will detect and prevent any possible breach of your computer security. You have full control of your internet resources with Xeon Personall Firewall.



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