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Pop-up Inspector BLOCKS pop-up ads!

(Read our customer's comments below)

How many times do you need to see a pop-up window offering a mini-camera, a porn site or a magazine subscription?

Don't you get tired of receiving those annoying pop-up ads when surfing the 'net?

We did and that's why we created
Pop-up Inspector


What does Pop-up Inspectordo?

Web pages are created with HyperText Markup Language or 'HTML' for short. Pop-up Inspector is designed to inspect HyperText Markup Language, looking for attempts to open additional pop-up windows. When Pop-up Inspector detects an attempt, Pop-up Inspector immediately prevents the pop-up window from being displayed on your computer. It's that simple!

How easy is Pop-up Inspectorto use?

Unlike some pop-up blockers that use a lot of your computer's resources (CPU & memory) or offer a myriad of confusing switches and options. We designed Pop-up Inspector for ease-of-use! Once you install the software, you're just minutes away from pop-up free surfing! What could be simpler?

What are some of the options Pop-up Inspectoroffers?

As you can see from the image above, Pop-up Inspector offers four options. One may be used to generate a 'beep' every time a pop-up window is blocked. The next may be used to ensure that the software is automatically started whenever the computer is rebooted. Another may be used to prevent the options window itself from appearing when the software is started.

What other options does Pop-Up Inspectoroffer?

Some pop-up ad blockers will block ALL pop-up windows, no matter what the window is for! Unfortunately this can interfere with some web sites that use pop-up windows for a legitimate purpose. This is why we provide the "Block Ads with Menubar " option. This option provides the ability that if you want to see a pop-up window from a website you regularly visit. All you need to do is hold down the CTRL key, click the link and the pop-up window will appear! Nice and simple!

How well does Pop-Up Inspectorwork?

Pop-up Inspector works very well, but we don't want you to take our word for it. Just read some of our customer's comments (actual quotes) after purchasing Pop-up Inspector:

Downloads knock out pop ups. Can't beat price for what you get. AAAA++++


Great product and even better price. Will definately check out commodon again.

Very fast reaction time had my item within hours thanks A ++++


"program works great, thanks!!!!!!!!!"

"Nice product. Fast service"

"as described! very pleased!"

"was a pleasure doing business with you, Seems to work great!! Thanx"

"Great product, thanks!!"

"Quick and easy....thanks."

"Excellent response to E-mail. Very helpful, great item, fast delivery. AAAAA++++++"

"Appears to be as described. arrived fast. A+A+A+A+"

"Excellent ebayer. Works great, thanks. A++++"

"very pleased, nice seller very responsive...great product++++++++++++++++++"

"super quick delivery A ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++"

How much does Pop-up Inspectorcost?

While some pop-up ad blockers are sold for $9.99, $14.99, and even $19.99! Pop-up Inspector is regularly priced at $7.99, but for a limited time. We're offering Pop-up Inspector for just $4.99!

What will you receive if you purchase this item?

Upon receipt of payment, you will receive Pop-up Inspector within 24 hours via e-mail. Its total size is 320kb and it takes less than five minutes to download.

System Requirements:

Pop-up Inspector supports all language versions of:
Windows 98, SE, ME
Windows NT4 Workstation or Server (*)
Windows 2000 Professional or Server (*)
Windows XP Home or Professional (*)
(*) You must be logged in with Administrator rights.



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