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RCT's & RAT's
What are they?
How do I detect them?
How many are there?
What ports do they use?

How do I Remove?
Acid Shivers
Acid Shivers (modified)
Back Orifice
Baron Knight
Big Gluck
Blade Runner
Deep Back Orifice
Delta Source
Doly Trojan
Deep Throat
Deep Throat v2
Executer v1
Executer v2
Hack 'a' Tack
Master's Paradise
NetBus 2 Pro
Sockets 'de Troie
SubSeven (Sub7)
Whack-a-mole (NetBus)

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Audit your firewall online, research an IP, email or web site!

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The applications discussed within this website are known as 'Remote Control Trojans' (RCT's) or 'Remote Access Trojans' (RAT's), which are designed to allow the remote control of another person's computer over the Internet.

"When a person uses a 'Remote Control Trojan', they are provided with equal, if not greater control of another person's PC than that of the owner sitting at its keyboard." - Don Kelloway


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Featured within the paper
"Deconstructing SubSeven, the Trojan Horse of Choice".
One of the Top 25 Papers from the SANS Institute.

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