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RCT's & RAT's
What are they?
How do I detect them?
How many are there?
What ports do they use?

How do I Remove?
Acid Shivers
Acid Shivers (modified)
Back Orifice
Baron Knight
Big Gluck
Blade Runner
Deep Back Orifice
Delta Source
Doly Trojan
Deep Throat
Deep Throat v2
Executer v1
Executer v2
Hack 'a' Tack
Master's Paradise
NetBus 2 Pro
Sockets 'de Troie
SubSeven (Sub7)
Whack-a-mole (NetBus)

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How many are there?

That's a good question, but unfortunately no one knows for sure. What I can do, is assure you that the Remote Control Trojans discussed within this website exist and as time passes, I will try to keep the list updated.

The RCT's listed below are in the process of being added to the "How do I Remove" list.

Fatal Network Error ~ Firehotcker BackDoorz ~ Fore ~ FTP99cmp ~ Gaban Bus ~ Gate Crasher ~ Hack '99 Key Logger ~ Hack City Ripper Pro ~ Hacker's Paradise ~ Haebu Coceda ~ icKiller ~ ICQ Trojan ~ ICQ Trojan (modified) ~ INI-Killer ~ Invisible FTP ~ Key Logger ~ Kuang2 pSender ~ Millenium ~ Millenium (modifed) ~ Net Monitor ~ Net Spy ~ Novel Login ~ Phase Zero ~ Phineas Phucker ~ Portal of Doom ~ Priority ~ Progenic ~ Prosiak ~ Psyber Stream Server ~ RAS Faker ~ Remote Grab ~ Remote Windows Shutdown ~ Robo Hack ~ Satanz Backdoor ~ Senna Spy Trojan ~ Shock Rave ~ Shirlitz ~ Sivka-Burka ~ SK Silencer ~ Spy Sender ~ Stealth Spy ~ Stealth ~ Striker ~ Sub Seven ~ Tapiras ~ TeleCommando ~ Terminator ~ The Invasor ~ The Spy ~ The Trojan Cow ~ Tiny Telnet Server ~ TN ~ Ugly FTP ~ Ultor's Trojan ~ Voice ~ Voodoo Doll ~ Web Ex ~ Win$py ~ WinCrash ~ WinPC

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